Vasquez - Star - Los Angeles, CA


We were lucky to be able to receive this incredible girl through BMDC of Southern California Rescue when she was 9 months old.  Star was a wonderful girl.

Star lived each day with an amazing happy spirt.  She was happy just to be at home napping in the sun, and going for short walks.  She loved to get hugs from her family, play with the other dogs and talk up a storm if you would listen to her.

We were so fortunate to have received this wonderful girl and we can’t imagine our lives without her, she was truly amazing.  If you look into the sky tonight you will see the most brilliant of starts, that will be our Star.  I bet if you make a wish, she will make sure it comes true!

Berner-Garde:  34752

Kathe and Teri Vasquez
Los Angeles, CA