Zeller - Cody - Newbury Park, CA

Cody’s  Story   Berner Garde #48497  DOB 7/30/2005

I got my first Bernese Mountain Dog puppy Arista in 2003, and joined the BMDCSC. In 2007 there seemed to be a lot of rescue dogs in the club rescue. I thought “Oh that would be a nice thing to do”. So I called the club rescue chairperson and started the process, the first dog I inquired about ended up not being a good fit, but there was an another dog available his name was Kenei, the person fostering him didn’t know how to pronounce his name so she called him Cody, she said he has some elbow problems, but he seems to be a sweet boy and he sits up like a bunny.
I adopted Cody on 9/2/2007. He had been living with a family with little kids and a male Great Pyrenees(both male dogs unaltered back yard dogs) the Pyr picked on Cody, and it was to much to handle so they gave up Cody to rescue. When I got him he had no training, didn’t even know sit. He wasn’t house/potty trained and he was afraid of everything. But he did sit up like a bunny.
His coat wasn’t very nice and he had a green stain on the white on his neck. He didn’t play with toys or chew on bones and would take treats out of my hand, didn’t even know how to beg. He just wanted to hide in a corner. I worked with him slowly, crate/house trained him. He didn’t like being on a leash, he would just sit and put the brakes on if I tugged on him at all.
Cody learned a lot from my female Arista, she taught him how to be a house dog, how to play with toys, how to chew on bones and how to beg, He would lay next to her and do what she was doing, and when she died in 2009 he laid by the front door for 2 weeks and moped waiting for her to come home.
He wasn’t so thrilled when we got a new puppy. About a year after I got Cody, we went to our clubs Swiss Breeds Match and took the CGC test In October of 2008 and he passed. In Feb. of 2010 he passed the TDI test.
He has turned out to be the sweetest dog, he now loves going for walks, and sitting on my lap on the couch in the evenings. He loves going to the hospital visiting, and just earned his TDIA. Now everywhere we go he has to greet everyone.
He has come a long way and it has been very rewarding. He still has elbow issues and takes daily supplements and also has a low thyroid and a sensitive stomach, but his coat is beautiful now. And he still sits up like a bunny, we don’t know why, but I think it has turned into a begging thing.
Cheryl Zeller
Newbury Park, Calif
Cody CGC TDIA (Machados Kenei)