Lander - Constance Nichols - Paxton, MA

Berner- Garde # 56504

September 2007
From the BMDCNV Rescue Chair:

Lander is a 7 year old neutered boy. I knew when I got the call on him that he was likely to be in pretty bad shape. His owner, who had been in and out of the hospital for the last 3 years, told me he hadn’t been to the vet in a few years (2002, as it turns out). She admitted that he was flea-ridden and had little hair on his rear end (actually, no hair at all from the rib cage to the tip of his tail). Lander had trouble getting up and needed major assistance down the stairs. I won’t go into the details of his first bath. It was pretty gruesome.

Rabbi Amy kindly agreed to foster Lander and already had a vet appointment scheduled for Monday. Her vet gave us some hope that a few weeks of treatment for anemia, bacterial skin infections and thyroid condition together with some good food, supplements and love, might turn things around for this fellow. She also suggested that his mobility issues could probably be helped a good deal by some hydrotherapy.

Lander has a lovely, sweet temperament. He seems happily befuddled by his current change in circumstances.

January 2008
Rescue/Foster Update

Well, sad to say, Santa didn’t bring Lander the new home he’s been waiting for. He’s been a good boy. Honest!! He’s been doing all his physical therapy exercises with a big Berner grin and an endlessly wagging tail. He’s been cleaning his plate! So, Santa…what’s the deal here??

Under the loving care of Rabbi Amy, Lander acquired a pretty decent cover of Berner fur. His gait is nothing to write home about, but it gets him where he wants to go. His ear and skin infections are cleared up. He doesn’t ask for much…just some company, good food, a soft bed and some walks. He fits in with other dogs. I can’t really say he “plays” but he really enjoys their company. He accompanies Amy and Bernie to Agility class where I’m told he wanders throughout the course as others train, turning himself into a slow-moving speed-bump.

Now I can’t guarantee that Lander has a long life ahead of him. I couldn’t say that if he was only a year old. What I can say is that he’s enjoying every day. He’s grateful for the feel of the ground under his feet, the sun on his back, the good food in his belly and the comfort of a soft bed and a gentle massage from his
foster mom.

January 2008
Happily Ever After

Lander joined our family of 2 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 Berners and 2 cats on
January 31st, 2008. He’s enjoying his raw diet, his new family and loves to eat the ubiquitous Paxton snow. We are all enjoying the happily ever after.

Lander joined our family on Jan 31,2008. Although he left us suddenly and quietly on March 12, 2008 he will never truly be gone. There will always be a Lander shaped spot in our hearts. Our experience with a Rescue and Veteran dog was one of the best and we will never regret a day of the 6 short weeks he brightened our lives. We gave him a loving forever home and he gave us his heart.

Constance Nichols
Paxton, MA