Caldwell - Hagar - Lawrence, KS

BARC’s Hagar Storm the Castle

The boy is three! He has survived and so have my other dogs and I. Which in many ways is remarkable.

Hagar has two speeds: MACH 5 and comatose. There is almost nothing in between. Little did I know that the BARC Board had decided after fostering him just a short time that he would need an ‘experienced’ Berner home. My lovely Sophia had had her challenges, but I don’t remember her acting like she was shot from a cannon after she reached two years of age. Hagar shows little sign of slowing down any time soon.

He is a goof ball – enthusiastic, determined, full of life and joy.  He is delightful, and greets every day with a smile and a wag. I should take lessons.

BARC’s Hagar Storm the Castle
BG # 65942
Owned and loved by
Liz Caldwell
Lawrence, KS