Cannon-Mackey - Duncan - Eudora, KS

Berner Garde 23571

AKC Reg. McDuncan’s Cimarron Sunspot

DOB April 6, 2004

When I came to stay with BARC in the summer of 2004, they gave me the name “Spot” because of the big Swiss kiss on the back of my head. I had so much white I almost looked like an Old English Sheepdog. BARC found me at an Amish farm in southeastern Missouri when they came to get a bunch of other berners. The farmer had left me and some other “misfit” puppies out in a pasture so we wouldn’t devalue the nice looking berners when people would come to buy a puppy. I lived outside for a long time so thunderstorms, wind, and heavy rains have never bothered me.

My mom saw my picture on the BARC website and immediately fell in love with me. She’s always had a big heart for misfits (she had two English Springer Spaniels at home that someone gave away for free when they were six months old, and she had another BARC berner at home who came all the way from Hungary). She convinced my dad that “nobody else would ever want him” and came to take me home.

I loved my new home in the country and got along pretty well with my new big sister, Stella. She can be a little bossy, but I still like her. Getting along with the Springers was another story. One day, one of the Springers took my favorite toy – a stuffed monkey – and ripped him open, sending stuffing floating across the yard. All I could find was one of his skinny little arms, which I carried back to my mom.

When I got bigger, my mom and dad taught me how to pull a cart. I like pulling, but don’t do very well on the waiting, stopping, slowing, or backing. I’ve also done some obedience work, but I get bored easily and usually just roll over on my back.

In August 2010, Eli and Caleb came to live with us. I wasn’t quite sure what to think – they needed a lot of attention because they were sick, so that meant I didn’t get to play with my mom and dad as much. There were a few times I got a little mad, but I like them pretty well now. Caleb and I play in the yard all of the time and I’ve shown them how to play with a cat; although they haven’t gotten the hang of that quite yet.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey
Eudora, KS