Cannon-Mackey - Eli - Eudora, KS

Berner Garde 83714

DOB unknown (assume 6 years old)

My brother Caleb and I were found wondering near Benton Harbor, Michigan in the Spring of 2010. After spending a couple of weeks in the local shelter, Bruce Whiteside (HMBMDC) came to get us. I was severely underweight (I weighed about 70 pounds), had a nasty case of bronchitis along with Stage 1 heartworms, and needed help to stand because of my severe hip dysplasia.

During my recovery, there were a number of times I almost called it quits, but Caleb was always there to brighten my spirits and help me through. He would cuddle with me in my kennel, cross his paws with mine, and always shared his toys. Bruce would hand feed me and help me walk - I could tell from the look in his eyes that he wanted me to pull through too.

In August 2010, Caleb and I journeyed to Kansas to our new forever home. We met and stayed with a number of people that took care of us as we traveled through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Our forever home is in the quiet countryside and has lots of room to run! We’ve had visits from coyotes, opossums, and skunks and the occasional farm cat from the neighbors next door.

We have a berner sister (Stella) who is a princess, and a berner brother (Duncan) that loves to play. They also were rescued by our new mom and dad. After getting to Kansas, I had my heartworm treatment. It wasn’t that bad and Caleb went to each vet visit to keep me company – he even stood with his head resting on my shoulders during the injections to make sure that I was OK. When I got better, I discovered stairs – they were a little challenging at first, but now I have “buns of steel”!

I also discovered cats, and have found out that they don’t double as a squeaky toy. I’m also not as nervous and tense as is used to be and really enjoy ear and belly rubs. I feel more secure and don’t have to hide toys and bowls and towels and socks and shoes under my bed anymore. I still bark and dig at my dish when I get really excited.

I would rather watch than play. My mom says I’m like Michael Ohr in the movie The Blind Side – I score high in protective instincts – I’m always making sure that Caleb is safe and protected, especially when I think he’s playing too rough. One day, Bruce sent a package to my mom. When she opened it I recognized who it was from right away and gave one of my “Eli smiles”.

Thank you Bruce and Linda Whiteside for your love and compassion during those early days. Thank you to my new mom and dad for letting me and Caleb come to our forever home in the Land of Oz.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey

Eudora KS