Carey - Abby - Tehachapi, CA

Our dearest Abby!
Berner-Garde #84234

Abby was brought to a shelter in southern California along with another female Berner in April 2009 after the owners apparently lost their home due to foreclosure. She was rescued by the wonderful SCBMDC rescue group and was in three members homes prior to being fostered by a young couple who had not experienced large dogs with big needs! She was about 3-4 years old and was known to be quite the pistol and an Alpha female. The two Berners were home alone while the young couple both worked. Abby simply did not get the attention she so desired. The couple decided to keep the other female as Abby was too much of a challenge for them.

Abby is our first Berner and our first female dog ever. Over 35 years with my husband we have enjoyed living with many large breed male dogs. Upon her arrival to our Tehachapi, Ca. home, she immediately became my best friend and has been glued to my side ever since! She is such a beautiful, loyal and special girl, just writing this makes my eyes tear up with joy and love. The very first day home she was off leash enjoying a romp in the nearby field! Abby is also somewhat of a community celebrity and enjoys posing for photos on a frequent basis!

Last June we got Abby a playmate! A beautiful 8 week old female Berner! Abby immediately accepted her as her own pup. Abby truly should be sainted due to her tolerance of Nikki’s puppy antics of constant face pulling, being charged at and having toys shoved into her face! Abby is about 75 pounds and Nikki is now 95 pounds so their play and relationship continues to change and evolve. We recently brought our dogs to see the club members who helped with Abby’s re-home and adoption. They were all delighted to see how she has blossomed into a super-star and such a beautiful and loving girl! We hope to have the joy of Abby’s company for many years to come!

Bennett and Kathy Carey – Bear Valley Springs, Tehachapi, Ca.