Chiappetta - Oslo - Leesville, LA

BG # 74994
Denni Chiappetta, Leesville, La

Oslo is my Berner. He was rescued from an Ohio puppy mill. He was 7 months old when I got him. He had a scared and sad look in his eyes. His crate was safe zone. He trembled if you tried to pet him. The slightest sound or movement would startle him. He didn’t know how to play and had no interest in toys or treats. I spent a lot of time on the floor beside his crate talking quietly to him. I would softly pet him. After many days of this routine, Oslo began to feel comfortable with me and did not tremble quite as hard.

Oslo began making progress. He was spending less time in his crate. He learned how to play with toys. He even started taking treats from my hand. It took a long time, but Oslo started acting like a happy dog. He even started approaching family members. Oslo has made many improvements over time. He enjoys getting belly rubs and playing with squeaky toys. He is comfortable with his surroundings at home. He is a very smart dog and learns quickly, though he did not take treats to “learn”. It was lots of loving puppy hugs that helped teach Oslo what he knows.

He has come a long way since the day I brought him home. He has earned his CGC. We are currently working on our drafting skills. It would be nice to pass, but pass or fail, it doesn’t matter. I am proud of Oslo. It was the journey getting here and helping Olso overcome his puppy mill issues that matter. Who knows what’s next for us. Maybe we will try rally.