Conrad - Traveler - Gastonia, NC

Traveler’s Story
Berner Garde # 79291

Hi, my name is Bonnie Conrad and I live in Gastonia, NC. This is Traveler’s Story.

I adopted Traveler (C’s Journey From Rags To Riches) on June 2, 2011at 16 ½ weeks of age from Thirdtyme Rescue in Ohio. Vilma Briggs got him from a local back yard breeder at 16 weeks. My grandson and I along with 2 of my Berners (Cinder and Ueston) made a 2 day trip to pick him up and have a meet and greet between my 2 and Traveler on neutral ground. Traveler arrived and quickly took over the house. He is a very energetic boy and I have to work at keeping him busy. He loves going to obedience class and tracking class.

Since we adopted Traveler at a young age he has not had a lot of issues. He was sensitive to certain noises, like a plastic bag being opened or aluminum foil being crinkled, but with some work got over that quickly. He also did not like tight shadowy spaces like going under a table or chair. But, has since overcome that also. Amazing what food will do! He did not like an airline type crate, so he was moved into a wire crate and that worked fine. He recovers quickly from anything that spooks him.

I was told that Traveler was a little shy when we got him. But from day one I have not seen anything shy about him. He loves people, kids, other dogs and life in general. And at times, in a bit pushy! For those that meet Traveler at the Specialty, you will see a happy pushy boy.