Lindsay - Debby Fitch - Hancock, ME

Berner-Garde #33669

We adopted Lindsay on December 16, 2006. With the help of LBRT John Kimzey and several Berner friends, we met her for the first time on December 20 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. My first impression was of a very petite, pretty girl whose tail never stopped wagging!

What can I say about Lindsay? Lindsay is a two year old with the freshness and exuberance of a young puppy. She is the first Berner I’ve ever witnessed retrieving tennis balls and knocking them about like a soccer player does with a soccer ball. She also keeps herself busy tossing apples in the air and chasing them.

In the beginning, as a 13 month old, Lindsay was a newborn in an adult body.  Everything was a new experience to her:

RS        WN
AI                     ST
ST                               AI
UP                                         RS

Playing with and squeeeeking toys, eating without gulping (and choking)—realizing that her food would not be gobbled by another dog.

Lindsay made the long journey to Kentucky with her big sister Abby last spring, riding on the shuttle, getting more confident every day. She behaved wonderfully and faced new experiences like a trooper, just happy to be with her family. Amy and Courtney were delighted  to see her again and I think she recognized them!

Lindsay still has a few demons to battle within her “safe zone” at home, but she has come so far, I have no doubt she will overcome them in time and with encouragement. She is such a sweetie and is happy being happy all the time. At times I can see the shy little “omega” trying to gain a little independence and stop being the wallflower.

Name Game: ” Lin-Lin”, Crazy Lindsay, Sweetie Pie, Counter Surfer, Speed Demon, Energizer Bunny

Debby Fitch
Hancock, ME