Deering - Stanley - High Point, NC

Born March 5, 2006
BG # 81834

Stanley’s rescue story is short. We received a call last October from a lady in South Carolina who had gotten our number from the Blue Ridge BMDC website. She wanted to know if the club did rescue. She was taking in a five year old Berner whose owner had just died of cancer and whose daughter could not take the dog. Could we take him and find him a furever home?

It turned out that Stanley had been staying alone for the past month with just a neighbor coming in mornings to feed and leave the door open so he could go in and out as he wanted. He was about fifteen pounds overweight and had no energy. We told her we would come and get him.

We met the lady who called and the daughter of the deceased so the daughter could say good bye to Stanley. It was a very touching farewell, and I think the daughter was grateful that Stanley was going to a good home. On the way back to High Point Stanley also became a member of our family.

Other than his breeder, we know very little about Stanley. He was pretty well trained to sit, down, stay, and VERY polite about waiting to be fed. However, he is the worst counter surfer we’ve ever had. He can snag a sandwich faster than the speed of light! And then snag the napkin for dessert when we’re done!

He’s a delightful big galoot who has settled into the family routine very easily and quickly. He does have quite a stubborn streak in him, though. If he doesn’t want to go somewhere, he simply sits down like a hundred pound anchor until we go where HE wants to go. He’s our third cross-pawed Berner.

Suzanne and E J Deering
High Point, NC