DiCanio - Windsor - Spring City, PA

Berner-Garde 73228

We adopted Windsor at 18 months old from Bruce Whiteside and his Rescue. Windsor was supposed to be a show dog, but for some reason preferred not to be one. Windsor was a big boy at 130 lbs, but such the gentle giant. He quickly made friends with our other Berners, especially Timber, who needed a friend. Where you find Windsor, you will find Timber. Windsor is a lover boy and enjoys sleeping in bed or at your feet. One of his favorite places is the love seat in the living room. He just loves to lie with his head on the arm rest and bat his eyelashes at you. He is well behaved and a typical Berner in that he is a goof ball. Everything he does makes you laugh from eating his food to lying on his back with all four paws in the air. He always has a smile on his face and he will sit on his hind legs and his front paws on your stomach. Windsor loves his people, but doesn’t like commotion. He enjoys car rides, going to dog events and has even done therapy work at the neighborhood nursing home. He loves attention and responds well to the nursing home residents and staff. He allows children to tug on him. At first, he thought cats were for chasing, we think because he thought them to be toys. Now, he allows the cats to snuggle up in his front paws.

Gladys & Ron DiCanio
Spring City, PA