Dominy - Tosh - Plano, IL

TOSH the Terrific
Berner-Garde #83968

Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

In May of 2010 Laurie Boyle, our rescue chair for the BMDC Northeastern Illinois, received a call from a woman that had a 9 mo. old boy that she needed to surrender. She could no longer keep him due to the fact that she needed to downsize to an apt. and work longer hours to survive. It was a sad loss for her, but it is good when people realize that they need to get help for their dog.

Tosh was a high energy puppy with no training. He was a handful, but the sweetest little guy. I took him in as a foster and started working with leash training and general puppy training. He was quite mouthy, biting, barking, etc. He also had a soft tissue issue that we were trying to get settled before we placed him.

Things were going well until July when I had an accident with a brushfire. My family called Laurie and she came out and got Tosh. She then took over the training.

As I recovered from my burns, I kept thinking about Tosh, but at the time my first Berner Heidi, at 10 ¾ yr old was going downhill. I felt I needed to take care of Heidi first and foremost. Well I lost Heidi on Oct. 14th. A week later a group of us were at Laurie’s house working on raffle items for our Regional Specialty. Tosh was SO HAPPY to see me. He went crazy in this crate when I came into the room. We went out in the yard and played. He only wanted to play with me. He was so cute. Well I went home and was working out in the yard when it hit me that I needed to adopt Tosh. I called Laurie and we set it up for a couple of days later. It was like he never left. He fell right back into the household.

He was immediately bounding around with my other 2 Berners and annoying the 2 cats. Then of course is the innocent looks that only a puppy can give. He knew all the tricks.

He has since taught my other adopted rescue, Buck, how to be more affectionate. Even taught him how to jump on the couch and snuggle. One day Buck was snuggling with me and Tosh came over and stood in front of us barking and pawing at Buck. Well Buck finally got down and I expected Tosh to come up on me, but NO he wanted Buck to get down and play with him. Then the race was on as they played and wrestled. TOSH WAS HOME.

We have since passed the adolescent puppy class and are starting the beginning obedience class.

He will never replace Heidi, but he is certainly a happy addition to our family. We are now, Faith 8 ½, Buck 5 and Tosh not quite 2. And currently an almost 9 yr. old foster boy,Champ.