Fitch - Degen - Hancock, ME

DOB 7/1/07

He doesn’t have a long fancy name or even a pedigree. I don’t know the name of his sire or dam. What I do know is that he loves me unconditionally and that is enough. Degen is a loyal family member, who, like a fine wine, has only improved with age.

He is a shameless beggar who drapes himself on his daddy when he is eating as if to remind him he is not far away to help him finish if he gets full. I like to think he helps with housekeeping as well, because I never find stray crumbs to clean up. And like most dogs, he thinks any food must be shared with him.

Degen’s favorite place to recline is on the bed, summer or winter. His spot is right in the middle, sandwiched between us. His other favorite spot is upside down stretched out full length on the couch., Now with 5 dogs, couch space is at a premium, with usually room for 4 dogs if they are conservative and possibly a human–if one is lucky. So Degen is often called upon to give up some of that space. He will give me what I call “the hairy eyeball” if I make him move–it cracks me up!

Degen seems to have stopped destroying things finally, which is a relief. I guess it comes with maturity. He also has a flawless recall which I like to think is because he prefers to be with me.

Having Berners in my life has been a blessing and Degen is no exception. He is a lovebug, a mischief maker, a snuggler and a joy to live with. I am extremely grateful to Karen for rescuing him and to Amy for allowing me to adopt him.

Debby Fitch
Hancock, ME