Fitch - Lindsay - Hancock, ME

BG# 46834
DOB 11/22/05

Lindsay does and continues to amaze me. At six years of age, she shows no sign of slowing down, still moving at mach speed. I keep threatening to time her journey from the back of the yard to the doorstep! Unfortunately, her social development has also not changed over the years. But that is okay, she is most comfortable here in her home and that’s where she will always be allowed to stay.

I have always wondered what kind of a mother Lindsay would have been. She practically brought up Degen as her pup, since he was 3-1/2 months old when he arrived. She also has a favorite squeaky even though the box is full of lots of toys. Her “baby” is a many times restitched pink pig that amazingly still has its squeaker intact. Sometimes this poor tattered pig ends up outside in the yard and if I tell her to go get her “baby”, she will run out and pick it up. It doesn’t always make it back to the house each time, but she does understand what I mean. I find it in her mouth every time she is excited or nervous, so it doubles as a toy and a security blanket.

Lindsay does this thing we call “sniff and snort”, where she will greet you with an intake of breath, then an outake shortly afterward. I have never had another dog do this behavior–it is truly comical! She also tips her head a little sideways when asking for a treat, so uniquely a Lindsay trait. She is an original, one of a kind petite Berner girl!

Debby Fitch
Hancock, ME