Flaherty - Stanley - Plymouth, MA

NV Rescue Stanley CGC, RN
Berner-Garde 55049

Our beloved Stanley, now nine years old, came into our lives as a BMDCNV Rescue foster dog we adopted in 2005. Up until that time, Stanley was housed 24/7, in an animal hospital kennel or the owner’s garage. When the owners threatened to “get rid of Stanley” the vet was able to persuade them to relinquish ownership. Stanley was fostered for a short time by the vet and his wife. They felt that a cooler climate and opportunities to experience snow would be best for Stanley so they contacted the BMDCNV Rescue chair, Anya Wittenborg. Stanley’s proposed northbound journey soon fell into place when Kelly Mecartney, BMDCA & BMDCNV club member, and pilot (and Angel!) agreed to fly him from Florida to Massachusetts.

Stanley came to us as an under-weight, extremely shy boy with a multitude of phobias. He shied away from touch, panicked over crossing any threshold and was afraid of common household sounds such as the toaster popping. Stanley was especially fearful of men so establishing a relationship with Jerry took months. Fortunately, Stanley enjoyed the company of other dogs, so our Berner girls, Dory and Kissy and Border Collie, Reo, served as great role models to help build his confidence.

At home, we used a clicker training approach to teach Stanley basic obedience commands. He loved to work and soon gained confidence in his home environment. We had plans to enroll Stanley in a basic obedience and attention class. However, we had to first work on entering and being at ease in the training building. We eventually were able to participate in the class where Stanley’s confidence soared during training.

Stanley has presented with us with some very unique training challenges but over time, he has become a very enthusiastic partner in training activities such as rally obedience, freestyle and carting. Attending BMDCNV meetings and events has also been a great way to help Stanley build confidence in his interaction with people. We truly saw a dream come true and were ever so proud when Stanley passed his Canine Good Citizen test and earned his AKC Rally Novice Title in 2008.

Stanley has come so far. It is such a joy everyday to witness his sweetness, affectionate ways, charm and wit. We are so grateful to share our lives with Stanley!

Dawn and Jerry Flaherty
Plymouth, MA