Kennedy - Graci - Denver, CO

Hello, my name is Ashflat Princess Graci. My friends call me “Graci”. Please note however, that I am a Princess. On June 28, 2008, I was rescued by BARC (Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition). I was living in Oklahoma, in a puppy mill. I was surrendered with 12 other berners!

I live in Denver with my berner brothers Murrey and baby Dechlen; a cattle dog sister Mikah and a very lazy calico kitty named Callie. I may have all these siblings but I am the one who sleeps in the bed with mom and dad.

I have a passion for learning. I love to do Rally, Obedience and Drafting. I have earned my rally novice title, my beginner novice obedience title and have passed the maneuvering part of the draft test three times, so this year I want to earn my novice draft title.

I love to go places in the car and when I meet people I love to lean on them when they pet me. I really love my freedom and I am so happy that I am no longer fearful of the world around me.

My mom and I want to express our love and gratitude to Patti Johnson, our forever friend, who brought us together. Patti lost her battle to cancer and we truly miss her.

With Love and Gratitude,
Princess Graci
Berner Garde: 32111

Lori Kennedy
Denver, CO


UPDATE – 4/22/2012

Today, in spite of near 80-degree weather under a beating hot sun at the BMDC of the Rockies spring draft test, she did it!!! Graci earned her novice draft title even with the weather and a Chihuahua running out in front of her on the freight haul.

She is one very special girl. She would have passed yesterday as well, but we bumped the narrows due to handler error!!

Love you Graci Kennedy!!! Can’t celebrate without acknowledging Patti Johnson and her bringing us together. I know she is cheering Graci on in heaven!!!