Leonard - Rayna - Crownsville, MD

Berner-Garde 84184
Owned by Randi Leonard and family

Rayna originally came from a puppy mill in Pa. and ended up in the Humane Society. Humane Society of Lancaster, Pa contacted Mason Dixon rescue. Thanks to Mason Dixon, Mary Merrell and Sue Eller rescued “Polly” who was covered in feces and urine. Mary even said she cowered and so scared.

Sue did have Rayna for a short time until we took her in on Feb 3, 2007. It actually took Mary, Sue and my husband, Rick, to bring Rayna inside the house. She tried to hide behind the wheels in the car.

Once we met her, we fell in love with her. We knew how scared she was and we worked with her. We found out that the puppy mill even tried to breed her as you can tell on the scar on her stomach. It made us sick to hear that. Can’t believe a 2 year old puppy so scared that she doesn’t even want to play. It took her a few weeks to be “full potty trained” and started to trust us on a leash to go outside.

We lost her a few times outside (she got out of the collar or harness). We went through many harnesses to make it work for her and us. We finally got on a routine and she started to trust us, and became a happy puppy. She did well with other dogs of friends and family, as well as the dog park. Didn’t mind children either but she was cautious at first. If she saw us with other people, she would check on them or take treats from them. What a beauty!

Before we knew it, she did so well with agility. Oh my. She did an awesome job and was able to do some of the agility stuff at a local dog kennel. The owner let us borrow their agility (fenced area) for us to use the equipment to let Rayna roam around for a few months. Boy that was one of the best gifts for Rayna.

She loved to play and we even taught her how to “speak” because she wouldn’t bark. Maybe that was a mistake, because every time we came home, she would bark up a storm and wagged her tail like crazy! Yup, she recognized our cars. It was just amazing.

We went through 2 trainers for feedback of how to work with Rayna. One trainer suggested we adopt another dog and that’s how we ended up with another Berner from another home. Became best friends! Then we had a baby in 2009 and she did well with our daughter.

Sad to say, her life was taken too suddenly on Sept 8th, 2011 at age 6 due to a tumor around her heart.

We were blessed to have a wonderful rescue dog and have fond memories of her. We miss you Rayna!!!!

The Leonard Family
Crownsville, MD