Max - Lori Jacobson - Crystal Falls, MI

Max’s Story:
Berner-Garde #56005

I cannot say Max’s life was full of strife or pain prior to coming to live with us. We see the horrors and pain of animals that come through shelters every day in volunteer work, interest, and hearing other stories. Max was simply “unable to live with his former owner” and rather than finding a home, they dumped him at the shelter.

Instead, Max’s story is one of love. Love at first sight!

Arwen is my first Berner. We brought her home in November. At a routine vet check in January, we hadn’t even gotten in the front door when the receptionist asked if I’d like another. I said, “Another? Another what?” I wondered what I had forgotten to put on, take off, something, that morning!

She said, “Another Bernese Mountain Dog. There is one here who was neutered yesterday as he was surrendered at the local shelter.”

A conversation ensued. I thought, “Wow. What an opportunity. But, we just got Arwen and Princess. Sam’s the king of the bunch. How would he do with another neutered male around?”

Arwen’s visit went on. Sucker me. I asked to meet Max. Now, Arwen’s a shy girl – Max is NOT a shy boy! J He was somewhat skittish, but not at all afraid to come for attention and to introduce himself to Arwen. I was completely taken. So outgoing; so loving is our Max.

So, we paid Max’s bill when we paid Arwen’s. Went right to the shelter to fill out paperwork, and he made the trip to Green Bay with us (mom here also had a doc visit that day). He rode like a trooper and did what he was supposed to when he was supposed to.

At home, I was still concerned about Sam’s reaction. I kept Sam on a leash and let the other three play (please note birthdates: Max-12/26/06; Princess-06/2007; Arwen-07/18/07)! I needn’t have worried! Sam wanted to play just as much! Another instant bond was formed.

Max has absolutely fit in with us. He plays outside with the others; he comes when called; he knows which bowl is his and where to eat it at! He sleeps with me (okay, holds my legs down so they can’t run away). He is generous and giving in his love and the majority of his skittishness has gone away in just these seven weeks.

At a check-up with vet after one week with us Dr. Scott commented, “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! This is a completely different dog than the one that was here a week ago!”

Max completes us. Our pet family is full and happy! He has a happy, forever home here.

Lori Jacobson (40 year old, spayed, female) with children Brandon & Caitlin; and
Arwen (7 months, spayed, female Berner); and
Max (14 month, neutered, male Berner); and
Sam (4 year, neutered, male Lab); and
Princess (8 months, spayed, female Border spaz); and
Tiny, C.K., and Prancer – felines extraordinaire!
Crystal Falls, Michigan.