Monte - Zoe - Slidell, LA

Mary Ann Monte, Slidell, LA
BG# 60333

Zoe is our most demanding Berner . She loves and demands attention. A BARC dog, she had been adopted by a nice young couple who pampered her and deeply loved her. When this couple had their first child Zoe could not understand why she was no longer the center of attention and refused to eat. Her owners tried everything they could to entice her to eat but she would not cooperate so they made the wise decision to return her to BARC to be rehomed.

We adopted Zoe in September, 2010. Prior to that, she underwent major dental surgery for damage to her jaws which had occurred while she was in a puppy mill. She recovered completely at the home of her great foster Mom, and joined our household which already had two BARC dogs, Sig and Demi.

Demi welcomed her immediately. Sig, who was still grieving over the loss of his BARC buddy, Sam, waited until he was sure she was here to stay. They soon became play buddies and Sig began teaching Zoe the rules of the house. Zoe quickly learned that living with two other dogs was far different from being an only dog. She had to learn where her food would be placed and that Demi and Sig did not appreciate it when she decided their food looked better than hers. Initially, she thought all three dog beds belonged to her and was aghast to see either dog sleeping on “her” beds. She learned that Sig liked having possession of his toys but Demi didn’t care if Zoe confiscated one of hers. She is still not too sure about the concept of sharing.

Zoe is about now six and a half years old. She has decided raw food is fine, has put on several badly needed pounds, and is beginning to look like a sleek, slender Berner. Her coat is glossy and her eyes shine with mischief except when she is half asleep. She has no trouble eating her turkey necks in spite of missing four teeth on the top of one side of her mouth and the canine tooth from the bottom of the same side. She spells Sig in his guard duties and supports him loudly when he sounds the alert.

Zoe is a character; sweet and loving, yet stubborn and full of mischief. She has made our canine household complete. Zoe greets each morning hopping around in circles and barking joyously. She is a talker and never hesitates to give us her opinion about what is going on. She adores being brushed and will push Sig and Demi aside for more strokes even after her turn is over. Open the refrigerator and Zoe is there, just in case we might be getting something out for her. She sits straight and tall like a queen and crosses her front legs immediately upon laying down. In Zoe’s mind she is every inch a Queen.