Nielsen - Annabella - Washington, DC

Annabella von Myers’ Ohana (BG#: 66573)
Owner: Francis Nielsen
Washington, DC

Annabella was born on O’ahu, Hawaii, the result of a back yard breeding between a female owned by a German Air Force Wife who believed that every Bitch had to breed at least once before being spayed and a local registered male owned by a very shady character. I saw a hand written Ad on the Pets Bulletin Board at the Navy Exchange at Pearl Harbor.

I called the number and spoke to the woman explaining that I wasn’t interested in purchasing a puppy, but that Berners in Hawaii were very rare and that I had been involved with the breed for about 5 years. Could I come meet the litter? She agreed and I went over to her house and met a beautiful litter of (8) 6week old puppies and a very healthy Mama dog. All of the puppies were spoken for and that made me feel better. She had done her homework in choosing the new owners (we thought). I spent a total of 4 hours there that afternoon, gabbing about Berners and getting mauled by the gallivanting horde. My parting words to her were, “If for whatever reason one of these puppies comes back to you, I would be happy to take him/her into my home.” We kept in touch, seeing each other at the dog park once in a while.

Fast forward 2 ½ months and I get a frantic call from Fatima. Annabella was back. The new owner had tried, but she was “defective” in the new owner’s eyes. “Defective” put my hackles up. Turns out she had developed Panosteitis, and the new owner was not willing to treat her. I told Fatima my offer still stood, but that I couldn’t pay her original asking fee for the puppy. Fatima told me she didn’t want my money, she wanted a stable lifelong home for her puppy. I told her she would never be rehomed. Then I went to pick her up.

I did a little research on Panosteitis, changed her diet, limited her exercise, got her some pain meds and she has been great ever since. She does have some lasting effect from it since she was not treated properly for a few months, she walks like a duck in the hind end. The best part of the story is that Fatima agreed to spay the Mama dog and she and Annabella had their spay surgeries on the same day.

My Island Girl continues to be a source of amusement and joy. She has finally learned that belly rubs are fun and she has a Berner Bat that will knock you off your feet. She is as brainless as they come. I chalk it up to being Island Born. She frolicked in the tiny amount of snow we had here this winter like a Berner born in the High Alps. Jesse has taken her on as her puppy which was the best possible outcome for them both.