Nielsen - Jesse - Washington, DC

BARCs Moonshadow Jessebelle (BG# 26574)
Owned by: Amy Nielsen
Washington, DC

Jesse was my first dog and first Berner. I found BARC and contacted Amy Kessler. I told her I had seen Jesse on the website and she spoke to my soul. Amy asked if I was ready to deal with a young puppy mill rescue. I said yes. As Jesse was to be my first dog, I really had no clue what I was getting into. Arrangements were made and Jesse flew home to me in Boston on a wintery night in January. She was 5 months old.

I had everything ready; new leash and collar, new kibble, new dog bed, new crate, bowls, and even training classes. She came out of her flight kennel at the airport, flew into my arms and immediately started telling me how things were going to be. She refused to go back into her kennel for the drive home (she sat in my lap, in the bed of the Jeep, shaking for the hour drive home), refused to sleep on the dog bed (she decided my bed, and my pillow were hers now), refused the kibble I got her (she wanted chicken green beans and rice, thankyouverymuch). She refused to even look at the new trainer (she much preferred our walks in the State Park for training). She has been telling me what to do ever since.

When she met my Husband, she curled up in his lap within the first 20 minutes of meeting him (Jesse has always had the fear of men so common with Puppy Mill resuces). When my oldest Daughter was born while my Husband was on Deployment in the Persian Gulf, Jesse ripped out a toe nail the day Morwenna came home just so she could go to the EVet and get her own special Mama time.

When she met Morwenna, she took to sleeping curled around her bouncer when ‘Wenna took her naps. Jesse would even lay her head under ‘Wenna’s body while I nursed her. When she met Robyn, she taught our new Berner Annabella how to be gentle around the baby, She knew Robyn was fragile and different. She sniffs every cast Robyn has as if inspecting it to make sure the Doctor put it on right.

Jesse came home to Cat Steven’s song Moonshadow and she has been my Moonshadow and heart dog. She cries and wiggles like a wild banshee when I come home, even if I just went out to the garbage can. I could not have asked for a better introduction the wonderful world of BARC and the Berner family.