Paige - Path - Durham, NC

Blue Ridge BMD Rescue
BG #83898

Path, a 6-year-old female, came to Blue Ridge rescue in Aril 2011, with another female, Marla, from the same owner who bought them from the same puppy mill breeder. Since neither had had any shots or heartworm preventative, I drove them straight to my vet. Both dogs were in heat, even though the owner assured me that Path was spayed! Since they had been outside only dogs, I guess the owner never noticed.

Poor Path was about 20 pounds underweight because Marla ate her food. The owner fed them both Puppy Chow even as adults! She was the slowest and pickiest eater I’ve ever seen. She prefers that I stay near her and talk to her while she eats. She didn’t like the shiny metal bowl, so we’ve switched to a porcelain bowl. She would prefer to eat off the ground, but she is learning.

Path was also heartworm positive, which was no surprise. She was easy to housebreak, though, and decided that being in the house was a pretty good thing. However, she hates the leash. Knowing she probably didn’t have any experience with it, we took it slow and tried to associate yummy food with the leash, but it is a slow process.

She has gradually come out of her shell, found her voice, and is becoming assertive for attention. She holds her own with my big boys and she is very charming. I thought the name Path seemed odd, but I call her Princess Path, because she deserves to be treated royally after her earlier life.

Over the months, I continued to tell potential adopters about Path’s story, especially those that have had Berners before. While all were sympathetic, no one was willing to open their home to a 6 year old with some issues and couldn’t be walked on a leash. So she has continued to live with us and we finally told her that she was staying permanently. She has gained about 12 pounds. She comes to my husband for pets now, and she runs a little with other Berners while being offleash in our back fenced pasture.

So Path found her way to a better life with us and we are glad our paths crossed!

Carolyn & Don Paige
Rescue Coordinator
Blue Ridge BMD Club
North Carolina