Pelletier - Tucker and Cricket - Colchester, CT

TUCKER - Berner-Garde #57563
CRICKET- Berner-Garde #41255

My husband and I never had a dog of our own before, but we knew we wanted a Berner, and we knew we wanted to rescue. We fell in love with Tucker the second we saw him on BARC’s website. He was 3-months old & recently rescued from a puppy mill. We loved his fuzzy dark face and big goofy paws. Our lives changed forever when we picked him up at the airport on 10/17/2005.

Tucker was the best puppy, he was trained within two weeks, graduated puppy school with flying colors, loved traveling in the car with us, and vacationing with friends and family. We felt so blessed by the honor of raising him that we wanted a “sibling” for him to love and play with…

We contacted BARC again and fell in love with little Cricket! She was 3 ½ yrs. old, 53 lbs., had spent her life breeding in a puppy mill, “living” in a dirty pen in the corner of a dilapidated barn. She was discarded at a dog auction where BARC rescued her out of that hell. Cricket came to us on 12/23/06, so she’s named “Tucker’s Christmas Cricket”. Her tail was wagging the very second we opened the door of her crate at the airport, and she gave us kisses immediately. (We think she knew she was finally going to be loved…)

The first year was very hard for Cricket. She was terrified of most everyone. My husband spent months trying to feed her treats out of his hand before she was could be in the same room without shaking, screeching, and peeing in fear. It was heartwrenching, but after all she had been through we would never give up on her. We patiently waited, and at some point over that first year she blossomed into the sweetest, happiest, most loving little girl in the world! She now snuggles up to us under the covers every night, and works right by her daddy’s side every day in his home office. She has found her forever home and she loves us for it.

Tucker’s health has been relatively good, however, he’s nicknamed “The Sock Monster” after sneaking no less than 3 socks from the laundry hamper over the years (thankfully they all came up). Cricket has had more of a struggle. She was diagnosed with her first malignant MCT in 8/2009. After surgical removal another appeared, then another, and another. She’s treated by wonderful oncologists, and is currently doing well. Cricket will celebrate her 9th birthday in June.

Tucker and Cricket always travel with us, enjoying the beaches of RI, CT, and NC regularly. Tucker knows how to “dance”, and Cricket can “sing”. These dogs are our children, and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for them. We thank BARC for bringing them into our lives. We will never take a single day for granted that we were chosen to love them. Tucker and Cricket, momma and daddy love you so very much!

Heather and Kirk Pelletier
Colchester, CT