Maya - Karen Ferris - Portsmouth, RI

Berner-Garde #56536

It all started in January of 2007. I really wanted another BMD and after talking to the family about it we filled out an adoption form for a rescue. We knew that it might be a long time before we heard anything so we tried not to dwell too much on the application. To our surprise in August I got a call from Anya Wittenberg (BMDC of Nashoba Valley) asking if we were still interested and had time for another dog.

I couldn’t contain how excited I was especially when I found out that it was a 5 month old. She will be coming from Florida so it was going to take some time before we had her home as Anya needed to arrange her transportation up to Rhode Island. She was going to be flown on her own private jet.

The night of her arrival a good month later, my husband, two kids, my mom and dad, and myself waited at the little private airport in my hometown. We got there early afraid that we were going to miss the plane then to our surprise (we were looking down the wrong runway) we saw her plane coming in for a landing.

Boy were we excited. She came off the plane and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on her. She was so excited to see us as if she knew we were to be her forever home. My husband got in the car and followed us while the kids and I took her for a nice long walk around the airport. She got into the car and sat on the kids’ laps in the back seat.

We got home and my 3 year-old male Berner came outside to see her. Boy, she put him in his place right away. He thrust out his chest and his tail couldn’t have been more curled over his back. He didn’t know what to make of her. I think she thought he was a little overbearing so she gave him a couple of snaps and he stopped when he saw she was not in the mood to play. She adjusted right to our routine and was house broken within a couple of weeks.

Basko and Maya are now inseparable and one can’t go outside without the other. The best was her first snowstorm she was so excited and played for hours biting and licking the snow. She loves to crawl into bed with us in the morning spreading herself right along side me giving me dainty little Berner kisses. When we come home after work or from just dropping the kids off at school her tail wags a hundred miles an hour. It is like she hasn’t seen us for days.

She is a joy, and we love her to death. Thank you Anya for trusting us with this little girl as she is loved more and more every day.

Karen Ferris
Portsmouth, RI