Petersen - Ekko - West Hills, CA

The continuing saga of Ekko, a beloved rescued Berner.

The fierce joy Ekko showed as he bounced through the ocean waves in last year’s rescue gallery picture has not abated. In January Ekko and I attended ClickerExpo. He was a very good boy in that crowded environment and I gained renewed respect for my joyful partner.

In March, Ekko became a Canine Good Citizen. We also acquired a 9 week old Berner puppy. Ekko’s personal space issues were magnified by the puppy-pile-lover. Tink showed just barely enough respect for his grumpiness while still using every inch of puppy-license he’d concede that Ekko is allowing much more body contact. He loves playing with her!

In April we attended the National Specialty. In agility his bar knocking continued and he took exception to 12 weave poles, but he had fun and the pictures are great! Sightseeing was more fun than staying with me during Obedience off leash heeling, but we managed to pull together enough for a Q – and he has an adorable racing-recall. CD achieved!

Rally was the most fun. Ekko and I were in tune and we went out fast and talking – his favorite way of doing it. I still remember him happily bouncing along beside me. I was in shock afterwards as the judge, Mrs. Betty Ribble, told us we achieved a perfect 100. RN achieved! We were on the only team for the rally team event, but it was an advanced course – our first, and off leash. I wanted to watch someone else – so we ended up the anchor pair – now I’m really nervous! Ekko was happy as ever, so I took a deep breath and plunged in fast and talking. Shock again – another 100 score! Ekko, you’re the best! I found out afterwards that Mrs. Ribble very nicely commented during the Judge’s dinner that she rarely gives out perfect rally scores and Ekko achieved two that day. You show ‘em rescue boy!

In May we fostered a rescue puppy. Ekko started limping on his hind left leg, so activities were curtailed. It wasn’t hard to keep him calm since he was puppy-grumpy again. For some reason on Rocco’s last foster-day, Ekko decided he wasn’t grumpy anymore and in an unguarded moment started to play-chase. Puppies jinked sideways, Ekko jumped over and came up lame. Oh no! Ekko managed to tear his CCL and had knee surgery in June.

He was making great progress and had started training when he started limping on the right. Knee surgery #2 in October. His recovery has been outstanding. Eager to be done with restrictions it’s challenging to repress his natural enthusiasm for life. Ekko’s surgeon thinks he could return to agility. Maybe, but he will do obedience and rally and take a shot at drafting. At ~6 years, Ekko’s not slowing.

We love you Mr. SnortWiggle, buddy, Ekko-bunny, Wilbur, goofball.
How could we not?!?

Karen Petersen & Ekko CD RN NAP NJP CGC
Berner-Garde #74062, ILP157846, DNA #V610969
West Hills, CA