Sibley - Bently - White Lake, MI

1/10/04 - 3/24/12 Age: 8
BG# 46160

Bently came to us as a 7 month old boy rescued from the nasty SW Auction in Missouri. He was very underweight, ill with severe upper respiratory infections, stomach upsets and extremely terrified of the world. He would hide in the corner shaking, people were his biggest fear. He would not eat, I hand fed him for several months, he had severe upper respiratory infection and stomach upsets. He soon became my mission, my baby, my heart. I fed him by hand for months; it’s the only way he would eat. Soon he became strong and healthy and very tall.

Bently was a very sweet and loving boy. He was my Velcro dog. As he grew older he continued to be fearful of people. To help to build his confidence, Bently and I began competing in AKC Rally obedience. He earned his Rally Novice, Advance and Excellent titles. Recent knee problems caused him to retire his Rally career, just a couple of shows away from the top RAE title. This past December Bently earned his AKC Beginner Novice title. This was very big accomplishment for him because to earn that title, a Judge at three different shows, had to approach him and touch him. I know he was fearful, but he was strong and let them touch. So special for me to watch him try so hard to do things that an average puppy wouldn’t mind doing. It took Bently a long time to accept new friends, but once he finally became your friend and would approach you on his own, you felt a special love for him.

On Saturday 3/24 /2012, we helped my heart boy Bently to the Rainbow Bridge. We were very shocked to find out that what we thought was an orthopedic issue turned out to be Histiocytic Sarcoma, the same cancer that Bella is fighting, but for Bently there was no opportunity to fight. It had invaded his body and ran rampant. We had no idea. It is suspected that the cancer was in his spleen, which then ruptured, causing his rapid decline on Saturday. Bently went from a dog hopping on three legs on Friday afternoon, to almost dying in my car by noon on Saturday. Tumor tissue samples and pathology report will go to the MSU Berner Garde Repository for future Cancer research. Run free my dear sweet Bently, pass through the unopened doors without fear, and jump, jump, jump without any pain. I will always have a very special love in my heart for Bently. I love you baby boy.

Kathy and Bob Sibley
White Lake, MI