Turner - Ben - Olathe, KS

Berner Garde # 78711

Ben came to the Turner household in April 2011 as a foster for BARC. We have had many fosters before for BARC and are two of the founding members of BARC. It has always been hard to give them up even knowing they are going to great homes.

Ben is 8 years old and as many of our rescues are, he’s not too sure of men. After a couple of months he decided he wanted to adopt us. We agreed it was the right decision since at his age he might not be able to find a home.

He has become a happy boy with an infectious smile, learning how to run in the grass, wiggle when you tell him he’s a good boy and go for car rides. He’s still not to sure about things in the big scary world but he’s trying very hard. He’s fit right in with his new brothers, Spencer the Berner and Brodie and Eli the Shelties.

He’s hoping to go to next years National to show off how much improvement he’s made.

Penny & Gary Turner
Olathe KS