Webb - Belle - Bulls Gap, TN


Kathleen Webb
Bulls Gap, TN

Belle came into my life on June 23, 2006. I wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog so much and searched the internet for rescues. That is when I found BARC. They had a 6 – 7 year old female named Belline. I fell in love and sent in a request for adoption. The request was approved. I went to St. Louis, MO to pick up Belle. When I first saw her, she looked so scared and afraid. I was so excited and I stopped at a Pet Smart to show her off. But she was so terrified of the toys, treats and people – it was so sad. I tried to work with her to help her overcome her fears. But the years of neglect were just too much for Belle.

Belle left us on January 10, 2008 when she bloated and never let on that she was in pain. She went to my bedroom, laid in her usual spot beside my bed, and took the journey to the bridge. I hope and pray that when we meet again at the bridge she will be free of fear. I love you Belle and look forward to seeing you again.