Misha - Beth Schmoyer - Bethlehem, PA

Beth Schmoyer
Bethlehem, PA

Misha BARC’s A Lot, CGC, CD, RN, BMDCA NDD, BMDCA DD & Therapy Dog

Born January 24th, 2001 Moscow Russia
Berner Garde ID: 19222
AKC ILP #: ILP96163

Misha was born in Moscow, Russian & then put on a plane & sent to an auction in Missouri where she was rescued by BARC’s angels in March of 2001. Who knows what life she would have had in a puppy mill if she wasn’t one of the lucky ones that day?

She found her way to her new home in Bethlehem, PA where she took over the house! She walked right in & new this was her new forever home.

Misha loves to work & was a very easy dog to train. People call her my “push button dog”; she’s always ready & waiting for an adventure, the dust doesn’t settle under her paws!

She passed her Therapy Dog & CGC test on the one year anniversary of her rescue. Then we moved onto training for her AKC Companion Dog title, it took a few more tries then just 3 times in the ring but we got the job done on November 15th, 2003.

Then it was onto drafting, now this was a bit of a challenge to convince her “the cart” was a good thing, but once she got used to it you couldn’t keep her out of the cart! In 2004 we entered our 1st draft test on May 1st hosted by the Potomac Valley BMD club, after arriving at 7:30am we finally got into the ring in the late afternoon. There was no stopping her she was ready to roll & we added some new letters to her name that day, NDD! Then 3 weeks later we were entered in the BMD Club of Watchung’s draft test & moved ourselves up to Open & on that hot & sticky day, our 2nd time in the draft ring we walked away with the BMDC DD title. What a great WORKING GIRL!

In 2005 we did a lot of Therapy Dog work & visits to hospitals & nursing homes, dabbled a bit in Agility Training & Tracking…then the AKC came out with Rally Obedience, a new adventure for my Misha girl! In May of 2006 she earned the Rally Novice title, what a fun sport for you to go out & play with your dog.

It’s hard to believe that this year Misha turned 7 & is a Veteran! Where has the time gone? She still is always at my side for a job to do, but she is slowing down a little bit. We may try our “paws” at the other classes in rally, but what we are really looking forward to is the new drafting titles you can earn getting back into Novice drafting! So she is back in training & lovin’ every minute of it with pulling her cart! Here’s hoping we get a spot in this years National Specialty!

My girlie girl Misha, the best dog in the whole wide world….don’t tell her brother’s that ;0)