A Berner Day by Manny Grijalva

By Manny Grijalva
Dedicated B.A.R.C.’s Baxter,
all the great people at B.A.R.C., B.A.R.C. dogs and all puppy mill dogs

Years ago I was born, where my Berner mom lay
To a bright light, mommy kisses and some squealing puppy play
Surely this is, a great Berner Day!?!

A short time after, my first human came near
On two legs they stood, for some reason I felt fear
They grabbed us all, and then put us back
Love and care, is what these humans lack

Then one day I awoke, they took my mommy away
It seems too early…no please not today
This truly is not a good Berner Day

My siblings to cages, was the humans demand
I heard they went to a shop called Puppyland
Why was I left, in this scary place?
With screaming voices and that real scary face?!?

I guess my purpose now, is to mate in the hay
They bring one after the other, it sure seems okay
Is this what they call, a great Berner Day?

It’s back to my cage, with only morsels of food
Why are these people, always in a bad mood?
No play time, no pampering… is this really my life?
It’s no fun living, in such sadness and strife

The humans are more angry than normal today
I guess my mating is causing lost pay
So I’m thrown in a truck, on this Berner Day

There are more humans on this afternoon
A few dollars exchanged… a new human that soon?
Not just any humans but humans from B.A.R.C.
And before you know it, I play in a park

These new B.A.R.C. humans now calmly say
You are my foster, it will all be okay
I’m starting to feel it’s a real Berner Day

These humans seem different, more caring and just
Are these B.A.R.C. humans the ones I should trust?
I don’t know, it’s too soon but I’m now in their home
Sure seems like a nice place, to romp and to roam

Some days and some weeks start to pass away
A first hug, a first kiss, my picture on display
I’m becoming a dog on this Berner Day

There is still something missing, but what could it be
A formal adoption for only a small fee
A forever home is what I lack
I now love humans, so there’s no going back

A surprise for my human cuz today is the day
My other human has said that it’s okay
I’m your Berner now, what a great Berner Day!!