2013 — Loveland, CO

Welcome to Rescue Gallery 2013.

None of these dogs are looking for a home. They all have loving new families. This is one way for families to showcase their rescue Berners.

It is not an attempt to list every rescue. Unfortunately there are many more.

Click on “General Info” above for more details.

The Rescue Gallery began in 2006 at the Frankenmuth, MI specialty, as a replacement for the Rescue parade.

One dog –Tapper Dowler-Roos – has been in every Rescue Gallery. We welcome him back again. He is 10 now.

Dogs celebrated here were rescued from puppy mills, brokers, abandonment, and other bad situations. They were rescued by regional clubs and private groups, from on-line sites, and by individuals.

This year, 37 families tell the story of 58 dogs. Read the heart-warming and heart-breaking stories here.

Here are stories of fearful, shy, quirky dogs and dogs with physical problems. Also there are many stories of recovery and achievements, both large and small.

As always, we are honoring several dogs that have died. Their families are sharing their final chapters.

This year we honor three dogs that are 11, four that are 10, several that were almost 10 or 11 when they died, and many that are veterans (at least 7 years old).

Owners of rescued dogs can be identified in Loveland by their pins - a Berner holding a star with their dog’s name (see General Info for an example). The dogs have special yellow cowboy bandanas. Please welcome these families and their dogs.

See all the stories and pictures from Rescue Gallery 2007-2013 at http://berner.org/. Double click on Rescue Galleries.

A printed booklet containing all these stories is available by contacting Nell Ward while supplies last. A few may still be available from previous years.

Thanks to Manny Grijalva for sharing his poem, A Berner Day, found at the beginning of 2012 and with Baxter Grijalva (2013).

Nell and John Ward
New Bern, NC

(cell) 252-671-6687