Baran - JB - Phoenix, AZ

Baran’s Jolly Boy, CGC, RN, ANDD, MDD, JHD-s, CD, Tri-athlete 2012
WD 2012

Berner-Garde # 59128

JB (Jolly Boy) was rescued from a family with a small female boxer who was causing him to have submissive urination problems. The family worked on the issue for some time but were unable to correct the problem. I picked up 8 month old JB in Jan 2008 as a foster dog. After a week with our other rescue Gypsy and two cats he adapted to his new environment and family. The urination stopped after a few days in his new forever home and making sure he had outside access.

Today at five years old JB has turned into an active and achieving boy. In 2012 he went to the National BMD Show in Gettysburg, PA and had an outstanding week. After driving 5 days he started by taking a sheepherding workshop at Berryville, VA. The next day he completed two legs and received his Junior Herding title (JHD-s). Then on to Gettysburg, PA and on Tuesday received his Draft Dog (DD) title. In Feb of 2012 he had completed his Novice Draft Dog title (NDD) in TX. On Wed he competed in the Novice B Rally and qualified making him a Triathlete dog by qualifying in three working events. On Friday he received his third leg for a Companion Dog Obedience title (CD). This also entitled him to the BMDCA Working Dog Title and he will be honored this year at the 2013 National in CO. What a week and performance.

In Feb 2013 at Glen Rose, TX using his “farm style” narrows approach he completed his Advanced Novice Draft Dog and Master Draft Dog titles. He is now looking for a brace partner to earn his brace dog titles (two dogs with a cart).

We are very happy to have JB as part of the family. All it takes sometimes is to provide the proper love and environment. He now shares the house with Dida a Havanese, Berner the cat, and foster dogs as needed.

Dr. William L. Baran
Phoenix, AZ