Braden - BoBo - Laguna Hills, CA

James Woodall & Elaine Braden
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Dogs Name: BoBo
Berner-Garde 94942
We were thrilled to be approved for adoption of Bo from the BMDSC in November 2011. Bo was recovering from recent surgery. Bo has added so much joy and love to our home. He is forever at my side protecting me. He is such a good cuddle boy. He does Berner scoots to get closer to us. Bo is a bit goofy so we affectionately call him BoBo as if BoBo the clown. A bit pigeon toed and not the best gate. One might say he makes up for any short comings with his big loving heart. We adore the goofy guy who seems to have a smile glued to his loving eyes. Always a joy to come home to our Berner boys. Bobo resides in CA with his Berner roommate Jake and an Akita named Taiko. All boys are the best of buddies.