Braden - Jake - Laguna Hills, CA

James Woodall & Elaine Braden
Laguna Hills, CA
Berner-Garde 94943

Dogs Name: Jake (formerly Rhome)
Our lives were blessed on September 25th 2010 when Arizona BMD Rescue approved our application to adopt (Rhome) now known as Jake. Jake is our bundle of joy that keeps us laughing on a daily basis. We brought him home to California and our lives have been forever changed. He is a regular talker. Jake gives us hugs all day long and is or little life guard should any kids be in our pool. He loves to sit up like a prairie dog and just chatter away. He resides with another Berner adoption named BoBo and an Akita named Taiko. We are so excited Jake passed age 7 last December and is in great health. We adored Jake so much we adopted BoBo from BMDSC. Life is grand with these two loving boys around the house.