Caldwell - Hagar - Lawrence, KS

BARC’s Hagar Storm the Castle

Hagar came into my life just a few months after I had lost my beloved Sophia. I wanted to make sure my new Berner could never be considered as replacing Sophia, but would be an extension of all she had taught me. Boy Howdy did I get my wish.

At four years, if his brains have arrived, he stole the package, chewed on it a while and left it scattered all over the property! Oh, he has his moments, when there couldn’t possibly be a sweeter, gentler little boy. I have all the more appreciation for those moments, as they are fewer than five minutes out of each 24 hours.
(There really is a reason this photo is blurry!)

Hagar still has two speeds: MACH 5 and comatose. There is almost nothing in between.
He is a challenge and a joy. And he continues to teach me something new each day. And, every day, he makes me smile.

BARC’s Hagar Storm the Castle
BG # 65942

Owned and loved by
Liz Caldwell
Lawrence, KS