Cannon-Mackey - Addison - Eudora, KS

Addison – Eudora KS
Berner Guard 94982
DOB December 25, 2011

I’m Addison! They used to call me Berkley. I’ve had a few different families – some said I was just too much to handle and others didn’t like my personality. One even used to hit me with a newspaper. Bruce Whiteside and his friends brought me to live with him in the fall of 2012. I liked playing with his dog family.

In October 2012, I went with a new brother to live with a family in Kansas. They have had several berners that have had tough lives too. I didn’t like my new brother Parker at first, kind of wimpy, but we’ve become the best of friends.

I have a lot fun with my mom and dad – I get really excited over everything, I sit on their feet, and smack things with my tail. Mom says I’m like someone named Sybil. When I’m “calm” and do what she says, she calls me “Addie” and “Addie Mae”. Other times her voice changes – like the time I took all the fresh baked cookies off the counter and when I jumped into her lap when she was eating soup and when I pulled her through the cul-de-sac on her stomach – she calls me the “Mad-Adder”.

I love to chew on rawhides and play with toys (mom doesn’t see it as playing, more like shredding). I know how to sit and am learning to stay and wait – it’s just so hard because I always want to play! I’ve learned about opossums, coyotes, and cats. A cat lives with us in the house and I play chase with the cat and Parker.

My big brother Caleb and big sister Stella are also fun – they just don’t have as much energy as me!

Thank you HMBMDC and Bruce Whiteside for finding me a great home.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey
Eudora KS