Cannon-Mackey - Caleb - Eudora, KS

Caleb – Eudora KS
Berner Guard 83718
DOB unknown (assume 8-9 years old)

You’ve all heard my story - My brother Eli and I were found wondering near Benton Harbor, Michigan in the Spring of 2010. We were both really scared and in pretty bad shape. Eli was very sick and there were times I thought he was going to leave me. I did everything I could to make him feel better - I shared my toys with him and cuddled with him in his kennel when he really felt down. Over the summer we hung out with Bruce Whiteside’s family as we got healthier. In August 2010, we made the 2-day journey to live with our forever family in Kansas. We’ve met coyotes, opossums, and skunks and found something called a cat.

Eli and I both went through heartworm treatments when we got to Kansas. When I got better, I learned to do stairs, how to walk on a leash (without chewing through it), and to pull a draft cart. I’m also working on my manners (when I’m not rolling around in the tall grass) and learning some obedience. I love all of our stuffed toys, especially the one that looks like a moose. Kansas isn’t as cold as Michigan, but they do have snow!

In May 2012 I lost by brother Eli to osteosarcoma. My other new brother, Duncan, went away in October because he had tumors in his chest that wouldn’t let him breathe. I’ve been pretty sad but keep my sister Stella happy. She and Duncan were also rescued by my mom and dad. In October 2012, a new brother and sister came to live with us. Addison is a bossy girl and Parker is kind of quirky but they both are a lot of fun.

Earlier this spring I didn’t feel very well. I ended up having my spleen removed because it had orange-sized tumors in it. Luckily the vet said they were benign and I feel a whole lot better. I play with Addison and Parker and keep Stella company – mom says she’s going to be 11 – wow that seems old!

Mom says I’m the sweetest berner she’s ever know – I think it’s because I crawl up in the chair with her to watch movies and I wake her up every morning with a kiss, a hug, and a song. She and my dad can’t understand how someone could have turned their back on me.

Thank you Bruce Whiteside for your love and for finding me (and Eli) a new forever home in the Land of Oz.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey
Eudora KS