Nellie - Lisa Edwards - Butler, PA

Noel’s Christmas Miracle

Nellie is my name and this is my story.
Berner-Garde number  - 56488

I was found by a river bank in the middle of December, cold, hungry, tired, full of flea’s, ticks and weighing 73lbs.

I was taken to a humane society where i was safe from winter snow and rain. I had food and water, but didn’t feel loved.

Feeling hopeless and despair, a miracle came my way.  Despite being 5 years old, having Lyme Disease, heart murmur, cataracts in both eyes, bad ears, raw feet, not being spayed, a fear of men, I was getting a new home.

I feel secure in my new home with my canine brothers. I know how to give and receive love. I do a lot of tail wagging and Berner bumps. I’m trying to learn how to play with a squeak toy, although I don’t understand the concept of the game yet.

I still have a lot to over come, but with the love of my new mom and the love of the Three Rivers Bernese Mt Dog Club, I will overcome anything that comes my way.

Lisa Edwards
Butler, PA