Cannon-Mackey - Eli - Eudora, KS

Eli – Eudora KS
Berner Guard 83714
DOB unknown (assume 6 years old)
Deceased – May 6, 2012

You’ve heard my story - My brother Caleb and I were found wondering near Benton Harbor, Michigan in the Spring of 2010. After spending a couple of weeks in the local shelter, Bruce Whiteside (HMBMDC) came to get us. I was severely underweight (I weighed about 70 pounds), had a nasty case of bronchitis along with Stage 1 heartworms, and needed help to stand because of my severe hip dysplasia. During my recovery, there were a number of times I almost called it quits, but Caleb was always there to brighten my spirits and help me through. He would cuddle with me in my kennel, cross his paws with mine, and always shared his toys. Bruce would hand feed me and help me walk - I could tell from the look in his eyes that he wanted me to pull through too.

I got healthy in Kansas, learned to do stairs (developed my “buns of steel”), and loved to lie on the deck watching the geese fly over in the fall. My mom said I was like Michael Ohr in the movie The Blind Side – I scored high in protective instincts – always making sure that Caleb was safe and protected, especially when I thought he was playing too rough. One day, Bruce sent a package to my mom. When she opened it I recognized who it was from right away and gave one of my “Eli smiles”.

Before the 2012 Specialty, I didn’t feel very well. One of my front legs hurt and I walked with a limp. My mom and dad did everything they could for me, but the doctor found osteosarcoma tumors in my wrist and shoulder. My last few days were great – I laid on my bed in front of the fireplace, I got to eat all the canned cat food, rotisserie chicken, and pulled pork I wanted, and my sister, Stella, would lie next to me and give me kisses on my foot. My journey to the rainbow bridge started from my favorite place on the deck – it was a beautiful evening – my brother Caleb was by my side.

My mom says she sees me from time to time – I hang out in the shadows keeping watch over Caleb. My brother Duncan joined me at the rainbow bridge in October 2012.

Thank you Bruce and Linda Whiteside for your love and compassion during those early days. Thank you to my mom and dad for letting me and Caleb come to our forever home in the Land of Oz.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey
Eudora KS