Cannon-Mackey - Parker - Eudora, KS

Parker – Eudora KS
Berner Guard 94983
DOB February 14, 2012

I’m kind of goofy. My eyes are kind of funny and I’m tall and skinny. I don’t like to be crowded, but I’m learning to like hugs. I came to live in Kansas after my first dad lost his job and his house and couldn’t take care of me anymore. Bruce Whiteside and his friends found me my new family. I ended up getting a new sister too. Addison and I met for the first time on our way to Kansas – we weren’t the best of friends from the start, but we like each other an awful lot now.

I love to chew on rawhides and play with toys. My mom and dad laugh at me because I’m always tossing toys in the air – I even got one stuck in a tree. I love belly rubs and am learning that hugs are pretty nice too. I love to jump and dance when I get excited. I’ve learned about opossums, coyotes, and cats. A cat lives with us in the house and we love to play chase.

I have a big sister Stella – mom says she’s bossy like Addison, but I think Addison takes the cake. I have a brother Caleb too – he’s fun to bump around with in the yard. I love my new family and my new sister.

Thank you HMBMDC and Bruce Whiteside for finding me a great home.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey
Eudora KS