Cannon-Mackey - Stella - Eudora, KS

Stella – Eudora KS
Berner Guard 23572
DOB March 11, 2002

My name used to be Borka. I was born on a cold spring morning outside of Budapest, Hungary. One day a man scratched inside my ear and made it hurt a lot. Before I knew it he put me in a crate, put the crate on a truck, and took me to a place that was very noisy. A man there put my crate inside a big silver tube where it was very dark and cold. After a long time and a lot of noise, someone opened the tube and put my crate on another truck. I rode in the truck for a long time. When the truck stopped, they took me out of the crate, put a string around my neck, and put me in a pen with a bunch of other berners. Another man grabbed me by the neck and held me up in the air, then he put me in another crate. I saw a lady look into the crate – she smiled – and then she took me to Kansas.

When I got to BARC in Kansas with all of the other berner puppies, I didn’t know what was going to happen. One day another lady reached over the edge of the pen and picked me up. She squeezed me tight and rubbed my head. She put me in a truck, but this time I was in the part that the people sit in. She took me to her house and put me in a crate, but this one had a soft bed, water, and toy. She gave me good-tasting food and I got to play with the two English Springer Spaniels that lived there too. I also made friends with the bunny, Henry, that lived with us.

I’ve seen a lot since I came to Kansas – my two Springer brothers are gone and my berner brother Duncan went away in October 2012 because he got too sick. Caleb and Eli came to live with me a couple of years ago. Eli went away in May 2012 because he got sick too. Caleb keeps me company, but recently he got sick but is now feeling a lot better. I still make my rooster and cow noises and I do a “buffalo dance” when I want a cookie. We have thunderstorms in Kansas that make me scared.

In October I got a new little brother and sister. Parker was kind of like me, a little shy and didn’t like to cuddle. He’s fun to play with and likes to give kisses. Addison, my new sister, is really bossy, barks a lot, and always has to be first in line. Mom says she reminds her of someone, but I don’t know who she’s talking about (!).

I like to lie on the deck and watch the birds fly over the prairie; I also like to bark when a car comes down the road. My favorite place is sitting on the sofa with my mom and dad watching movies and getting belly rubs.

I love my mom and dad and my brother Caleb. Addison and Parker are growing on me. Thank you BARC for finding me a great home.

Shari Cannon-Mackey and Alan Mackey
Eudora KS