Deering - Bruno - High Point, NC

Bruno of Kersey Valley CGC
Born January 26, 2005
BG # 42666

Bruno was purchased as a puppy from a pet store by a young couple who went in to buy a miniature dachshund. They had a little boy who was the same age as Bruno. As Bruno and his activity level grew, they feared that he might accidentally hurt their son, and Bruno was banished to the back yard. Fortunately, when he was age 1.5 they realized that he deserved a new home.

The young man put an ad on the internet to sell Bruno. John and Nell Ward contacted him and offered to help find a good home for Bruno. While he was trying to sell him, he kept telling interested people that Bruno was ‘real hyper.’ That scared most people off, but Nell and John met the young man and Bruno and were able to get him to settle down quite easily. We first agreed to foster him until we could find him a good family, but we failed as fosters. We picked him up in late September 2006 and he quickly became a part of our family.

At the time, our family consisted of BARC’s Becca, an extremely sweet but still timid in the ways of dogs, 2-year-old, and Xaro her BIG 5-year-old brother. Bruno took on the task of teaching Becca how to be a Berner with gusto. He showed her how to go in and out of doors, play with stuffed toys, and pick her own vegetables right out of the garden. Sadly he lost both Becca and Xaro in early 2011. After a period of missing them, Bruno sort of enjoyed being an only dog.

When Stanley, 5 year old, joined the family 8 months after Becca’s passing, Bruno quickly established that he was the ‘Fun Patrol’. Whenever any other dog is having fun, running, zooming, or bouncing around, he runs to them and with a bit of a growl puts a stop to their fun. Unfortunately, most of the others take it from him. Every now and then, though, a visitor will stand up to him.

At the ripe old age of 8, Bruno is not quite as hyper, but with his crazy ear cocked at a silly angle he still enjoys a good run or hike. He still loves to pick his own fruits and vegetables from the trees and garden and has taught Stanley how to do this just as he had taught Becca and Xaro.

E J and Suzanne Deering
High Point, NC