Dominy - Buck - Plano, IL

BG # 77692

Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

Year 3 for Buck in rescue gallery.

(For those of you that have not seen Bucks story; he was rescued off of a farm in Springfield, IL along with a male litter mate and a female that he was bred to when he was just a little over one year old. They were all in horrible condition, kept outside with little to no shelter. Eating mostly what they could catch. They were given some food but little to no human interactions. All had muddy, feces packed coats, ringworm and patches of hair missing.)

He is now a steady (mostly) sweet boy. Since the loss of my girl Faith, he has taken on the role of fun police and nonsense stopper.

He watches over the actions of the other rescue boys, Tosh and Champ, and the fosters that have come through the house in the last year. If anyone gets overly rambunctious or out of line he barks at them to settle down. And surprisingly enough they have listened.

He has learned to climb up the little steps to get onto the bed and sleep with me and Tosh (he goes really fast as he does with things that he is ”maybe” a little afraid of).

Also he now delights in the people that come to the house. Family and friends. Sometimes he still feels the need to bark, but then comes right up to them.

He still does not like to get in the car unless ALL of the other dogs are going. So, we occasionally ALL load up just for a ride to get him out in the car. Vet visits are almost easy, once the ride is over, and he like the people and other animals he meets.

Buck, Buck as he is called is a sweet, happy boy and a delight to be part of our PACK of babies.

It is so good to see a dog come from such bad issues and be so resilient. These dogs have so much love to give if we only treat the right.