Dominy - Champ - Plano, IL

B/G 94912
Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

Champ was in our rescue program as a 1 and a half yr. old puppy. He was adopted and lived a good life for almost 8 years, unfortunately his “mother” became ill and was having a hard time taking care of herself as well as Champ. So she contacted our rescue chair and we took him back into our program. I went down and picked him up the same day and it has been love ever since. We decided that it would be too hard on him to change again after our foster period, so he is now a “forever” foster son of mine.

He was a little-under weight, so he got special meatballs and high protein diet, much to the dismay of the other boys. They accepted him into the household immediately and life is good for him again.

He is mismarked in the fact that he does not have a white blaze as you can see in the picture. My sister dubbed him the “ugliest dog in the world”, what would she know she has a poodle. Of course Champ fixed her; he has adopted her as his favorite person. When she comes over he makes sure that he is in her face as much as possible and she loves it.

He has had some days when it is hard to get around at 9 and a half, don’t we all. But just yesterday, I had a computer repair person here to install my new computer and after he was here a while Champ decided that he needed to check him out. So he pushed the scissor gate aside and came in to see him. He immediately went up to Adam and starting flipping his arm while he was trying to type. Before I could get a hold of him he took off running up and down the hall bouncing and barking and going in and out of the computer room. We both started laughing so hard as I was telling Adam that he was an old dog and wouldn’t bother him. So much for how well I know my dogs. Finally Champ settled down and crashed for the evening. I can only hope that he can continue to do this for many years to come.

Our Berners are so very entertaining and loving. I can’t imagine a house without them.