Dominy - Tosh - Plano, IL

TOSH the Terrific
BG # 83968

Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

This is Tosh’s 2nd rescue gallery. He came to live with me in Nov. of 2011.

Tosh was a high energy puppy with no training. He was a handful, but the sweetest little guy. I took him in as a foster in May and started working with leash training and general puppy training. I decided to adopt him after I lost my Heidi in Oct, and he settled into the house with my Faith and rescue Buck.

He was immediately bounding around with my other 2 Berners and annoying the 2 cats acting like a happy puppy. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

We have been to adolescent obedience training and currently looking for the next program in our area. I have been training in my basement and he is doing very well. Next step is training with others which I hope to start soon.

Tosh is still a puppy at 2 ½ and puppy plays with anyone that will play with him. He loves to have company and if they sit on his sofa they are fair game to have a 90 lb. puppy in their lap and face. My 2 great nieces have taught him to dance with them with his paws on their shoulders, much to my dismay, but he is “pretty” good about only doing this with the 2 of them.

We finally had some snow in the last 2 weeks so it is hard to get them to come into the house, Tosh and Ziva are getting more exercise running and pouncing each other in the snow and them taking a break and just lying in it and having a snow snack then off again. He is so much fun to watch and wonder how anyone could have ever given him up, and VERY happy that they did.

We are currently a household of 4 Berners, Champ 10 (rescue), Buck 6 (rescue) Tosh 2 1/2 (rescue) and Ziva soon to be 2. We all know you can never have too many Berners.