Harper - Barney - Richmond, CA

Barney Harper
PAL: 258921
Berner Garde: 94626

Kenneth Harper
Richmond, CA

Barney is my 3 year old (plus or minus) 115 pound Berner who became part of our family May of 2011. Barney was re-homed through our BMDC of Northern California Rescue Group.

Barney quickly joined us in our backpacking and other adventurers and has logged many miles on wilderness trails. (We lost our wonderful fellow Berner hiker “old guy” Junior at 12 1/2 plus recently).

Barney and I have set a challenge of passing our novice draft test at the National Specialty followed later with our open draft title.

This summer those of you who are hikers may see us on the Pacific Crest Trail hiking from Yosemite to Kings Canyon Parks.

So far Barney doesn’t seem to have any complaints in life.