Hawes - Bosley - Dallas, TX

Heaven on Earth

Watching you now leaving me slowly
Is a bittersweet anguish…
Remembering so well, and not so long ago,
When everything was new…fresh…
The world was our oyster!
Nothing could hold us back – you and me!

To know you has been to feel your quiet strength…
To know your enduring character…
The poise of your countenance,
The gentleness of your spirit, and
The goodness of your heart!
What more could I ever desire?
You were and are my dream-come-true!

Where has the time gone?
It’s flown by much too quickly…
Although eternity could never contain
Sufficient hours for us to share
In sweet communion, precious boy.

Watching you, holding you,
Knowing the steadiness of your breathing,
The softness of your glossy fur,
Getting lost in those eyes of liquid love…pure delight!
Heaven on Earth!
That’s what you’ve always been to me.

In times past, you’ve been my rock;
Through thick and thin you’ve been there for me—
Unflappable, no matter how great my storm.
I see you now, in the twilight of your days,
Not as strong as before,
Yet still just as proud…
And now it’s my turn to be your rock;
It’s a calling I gladly heed and
Deem it an honor and a privilege
To be here for you for as long as you need me to be…
To care for you, watch over you,
Commit every detail of you to heart, and
As gut-wrenching as it will be,
To let you go when you tell me it’s time.

What will life be like when you’re gone?
I do not know…I cannot fathom.
But this I do know – that we will never be far apart in spirit,
And when I speak your name softly,
You will hear me and respond with,
“Here I am. I’m right here in your heart – just where I’ve always been.”
So when that day comes, I will not grieve as one who has no hope,
For hope will spring eternal in my heart
That we will be together again one day, my love.

-Lisa Hawes
For my beloved Bosley
August 2, 2010

Bosley, my BARC boy, was diagnosed in March 2010 at Texas A&M Vet School with “lower motor neuron disease” and laryngeal paralysis. The disease has slowly progressed, stealing his mobility over the last 3 years now. He has done fabulously for so long, but I know I don’t have much longer these days, so I treasure every day I get with my Big Man and am even more determined to make his final days as happy as I can. Bosley came into my life at 15 weeks of age - my first Berner - and has been my heart ever since. Now, at nine, I stand amazed at this magnificent creature and his enormous heart (you can see it in his face – such gentleness!). There never has been, nor will there ever be another like my Bosley! He’s all heart!

Bosley Tickles Me Pink
12/28/03 ~ still going!
B-G #20345