Koon - Poppi - Richland, WA


Indianlands Lavendar Blue, CGC Berner-Garde ID#71600

Poppi came to me in early June 2012. I had once worked with the husband of her former owner. He knew that I had a BMD and contacted me out of the blue to ask me to take her. When I first saw her I knew that she desperately needed to be rescued. She had been living year round in a dog house located in a 10×10 fenced corner of the yard. (Summer temperatures where I live can reach 110 degrees.) She was so obese and deconditioned that she could barely pick herself up off the tile on my kitchen floor. At the age of 4.5 she was not leash trained. She had not been groomed in a very long time so her dull, flakey coat had fist-sized mats covering her back and hindquarters, with tiny close-to-the-skin mats over most of her body. Her skin was terribly inflamed and covered with open sores: a huge open sore at the base of her tail and smaller sores and bumps all over her chest and abdomen.

I really struggled with the decision of whether or not to keep Poppi. There were a lot of really sound reasons not to. I already had a 2.5 yr old neutered male, my first ever Berner, and an energetic, rambunctious 7 month old male puppy at home…and a full-time job!. I wasn’t looking for another dog. And she had quite a few problems that don’t come with a new puppy!

But SHE picked ME. Once I had accepted that fact, I gave her a new name to go with her new life. I worked with her breeder to get her registered, had her microchip information changed with AVID, registered her with Berner-garde, and bought a car that would accommodate all of my dogs. I started her on a high-quality, carefully measured diet with supplements for her coat and joints. I also took her to my local dog training club to work on getting her used to a leash, following basic commands, and comfortable around other people and dogs.

That was 8 months ago. As of early February, she has slimmed down to 93#, with a few more to go. Her coat is clean, soft, shiny and free of mats and her skin is clear. She has become my constant companion, rarely more than a few feet away, and always the first to come when called. She has fit in well with ‘the boys’, playing with the puppy and even occasionally with the 3 year old. When I come home from work, I let the 3 of them into the backyard and they race back and forth with each other, barking for joy.

This dog,that was referred to as “untrainable”, is eager to please; willing to do whatever is asked of her, especially if it might involve a ‘cookie’. In October, Poppi earned her Canine Good Citizen title. She is currently working toward her Beginner Novice Obedience and Rally Novice titles and has started draft training with the hope of being ready to compete in the Novice Draft Dog class at the Specialty.

Poppi is a sweet, SWEET companion and I am so glad that I brought her into my household. She ABSOLUTELY deserves to have that cushy spot on my bed for the rest of her life!

Owned and Loved by Melanie Koon, Richland, WA