Marshall-Rueppel - Choxie - Breckinridge, CO

Choxie Marshall-Rueppel
Born February 14, 2006
BG# 84392

December is a stressful month and December 2010 was a particular tough one. Our 16-year-old Golden Lab, Goldie, went in to acute renal failure. We did everything we could but we knew it was her time. Clyde, our 9-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog stayed by her side. Goldie taught him how to be a dog and not be afraid. Clyde would weep for hours every day after Goldie passed.

The manager of a local car repair shop, Mark, knew of our loss. Mark called to tell me about this female Bernese Mountain Dog, Choxie, from Estes Park that needed a home. She was being given up because of a divorce. The ex-husband’s new girlfriend wanted the dog out. Choxie was kept outside day and night in mid-winter. So on a chilly Saturday in February we made the three-hour drive to Estes Park from Breckenridge, CO.

Upon arrival to the Choxie’s house, Jack and I took her for a walk. After the long drive and dog walk I needed to use the rest room. Upon my return from the rest room, Choxie was in our car with a bag of dog food. We had our second Berner. Colleen, Choxie’s first guardian, had a tough time giving her up because she was a Mother’s Day gift. Colleen had lost so much over the past year and losing Choxie broke her heart. We told her that it was an open adoption. That she and her daughters could visit anytime. I sent emails to Colleen every week for the first six months with pictures and description as to what Choxie was doing. That seemed to help.

Choxie made herself at home right away by jumping on Goldie’s special orthopedic bed. Clyde’s eyes got as big as moon pies. Goldie never let Clyde do that. Choxie continued to do all sorts of things that Goldie would not permit Clyde to do. Clyde wondered why we had to bring her home. Clyde did stop his weeping though.

Two months after we had Choxie we noticed her limping. After a visit to a veterinarian we found out she had two torn CCL’s. We had made a commitment and after thorough research found the perfect surgeon. Choxie had a bi-lateral CCL laparoscopic assisted repair done. It makes sense to do them both at once because recovery is long and a Berner’s lifespan is short.

The money was worth it. Choxie is a much happier dog. We watch her weight and make sure she gets plenty of exercise. Clyde has adjusted to her and they are best friends.

If people wonder about her name, well Choxie was born on Valentine’s Day. She was named after Chocolate or more specific Target’s chocolate product “Choxie”. It is perfect because she really is sweet and I am glad we made that drive to Estes Park. We like to think of her as our little Swiss Miss.

Gail Marshall, Jack Rueppel and Clyde
Breckenridge, Colorado